Our story

Value-added Services


SkyLight Pool is a professionally managed stake pool on the decentralized Cardano network.


We run two pools under the tickers SKY and SKY2 and we want to help the Cardano to become the financial infrastructure for the world!

We strive to secure the Cardano network and  build an intelligent, well-informed community of Cardano stakeholders. 


To that end, we have been publishing Cardano-related research on social media. Some of our research will be available exclusively to our stakeholders as a token of appreciation for staking with us.


The research will be produced by and disseminated to our stakeholders through private channels. 

SkyLight pool follows a hybrid network architecture using VPS and bare-metal servers.


This allows us to have a global geographic distribution of nodes, ensure uptime, multiple backups and tap into the performance of bare-metal servers

Our Public Research